Wednesday 6 March 2024

 " but you don't look... young, errata..  sorreeee!  ..  old enough..... anyway, ONLY if its ABTA guaranteed.... Mrs Bruce is playing with him.... sorry but those are my terms and conditiins, too....  " 

ooops errata i forgot, authenticity, means always....

And as if we were in a Bobsong

Rubin Carter  is still sitting like Buddah, alone,   in his ten-foot cell... cos no one comes to his 

4 quid a coffee


meanwhile,  all this red hair

But i never met one called...


who even asked a question, purse...anal..

" so you like heavy musak...?" 

" luv...  you can take all your Iron Maidenheads you lived with... that Bruce,  one season i had him and his band to myself hoboing them around Europe ....  up front, and i kid you not he would turn around and holler, on the Spanish tour...

' boys... landin in 5 mins ...  get ready.... for the ...ACT... ' and 5 mins later as we taxid i,  in the old beaten up kingair 200.... he tirned to me ' hang on dont open the door for 2 more minutes.. i just gotta check my stock portfolio one more time..  can you turn it around  so the togs cant see me...     til  i take off my slacks,  and sharemanager glasses....and put rockstar cosie back on... ' dont impress me you were izz axemans nanny.... may have if luvva, as i thought you implied....  my lass may have seen Al 'n Slash  ok bit past their sell by date...   but one Hammy Odeon night. .   i thank the gods i got to see the only one who never played at being abything... even married her gaoled social justice DID-stuff bloke

....her pukka  helpmeet to help him do the time.... .. you cannot trump that lass...  " 

" but as for your  ex boss... Imagine Woodstock, middle of nowhere up in higher scandanavia ..... hundreds of km of tundra...  Bruce and i peering out of the front... ' bugger me nothing... just tundra..'  and then in the distance smoke and light was spied..... a hundred thousand scandy metalheads all waiting for their one king.... and me in the driving seat overhead  as all 100 thou screamed ' Maiden'    we could al.ost gear them over the clatter of his inflight tickertape..  beat that!!!!!!!! "

" oh yes i can...."