Wednesday 6 March 2024


 .. what i know now, from his own murderous gob..... 

pimping his confected pity to look good these kast few months especially..... when he alone wrote the best line ever,   with beautiful  most perfect word picture  to boot

We're just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl,
Year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears.

..cannot even LISTEN  to himself, then...with his endless ' leave poor Gaza alone' when if he had a brain  one might have hoped the other-culture traveller and seer,  may know, it was over 8 oct so go invest in campsites in the Sinai....  and offer to  build a wall  to end it...all...

Never mind bragging as i hear him endlessly the last few years    'fifteen years ago i was bored one night on tour and picked up a book....  [ i forget,  he so forgettable, what it was] ... and my eyes were opened as if i had been a blind'

  • Mexican Cavefish. The Mexican Cavefish is a blind fish species, yet it can view its surroundings by producing bursts of suction with its mouth. ...

one bumpin on the fishbowl glass all those years doin my own head in...I had no idea the Military Industrial complex sold/ brokered arms from  all those nice places like Gwerk...  and actual children may Be blown limb from limb ... for prophet,  in the local pubs down the road... and so as to afford all them nice boats in Padtylandshire and about... and...  i became  ' aware'.. ' awake'   my eyes were blazing open.... and must now save the world by Youtube...arent i amazing.....

"luv.... if there were a time machine i wouldnt even go back to  2005 and sit next to gorgeous you....

singin along with you  to the great words 

 as my arse would be numb knowing what i now know....

never mind ... 1980

by which time most of my age group were not just 100% 'aware' of the dodgy behaviour of this fetid land...  just a few years later we would read most of the Pilger  which explained it all in a100% grown up factual and with  no feigned emotiom for  2024 clicks....  ... in supremely erudite and adult manner... if he were a man he would fess up ' i woz a bimbo for most of my adult life and please let it Be known, me and my bimbo bandmates,  even if we wrote the hymns...were not part of the finest enlightenment in the world ever... uk from mid 70s until early 90s.... which it eas...just so happens i made a very good recording about yesteraft.... why she came.... and what she Just missed.... as it was worth coming, once ... and even John Gray seems unable to know what uk was like compared to all the other countries,  in that  that superb period.... may Be cos he never lived in them as i did....    and  that saudade," isnt finished...yet ...." ... unless someone fails to translate the EXACT important Katrina truth...of that year '92..... and rewrite history so as there is some truth to,  her... all will Be lost

to no hope.

i have.