Monday 18 March 2024


 The real, list ...sssss

happiness is not a warm gun as some liar  ownchildignoring, hypocrite from Liverpool sang

it is a from first word

Pained, but only painfully  honest " bird".

Whom on fact outdoes 

" Britain should Be in The Hague queue... before Serbia" even if i am loyal, and tell all of my  many many random clifftop encounters this  gorgeous statement, as opening salvo ... the story of

with themtoo...

As she said a little


of th'aft


Sat in her oldish van, ladders on the roof

Reading her book, i saw the cover... " summit or uvva 'abuse' "


"  haihh hahhh....

im glad i came to chat with you

 You are one, too..

An oligarcs' shitpipe builder, funnel off their prozac poo. .

hahhh hahh just like the fatty mong... 

 him and i, alone  know the poetical power of song....

even if in his case it caused him the once great brown hope, to merely don Che tshirts and DO


at least he never put powders up his snout

Even the ' chretiens' down here, did....

.... but you, at last...

a woman of only truth

... bit dont Be sad old 'bird' ...Here with me on the cliff

I call it Thelm'nLou number two....

You alone i totally one hundred percent trust....

Now i weaseled out

the true words... why your soul seems bust


mine not,  but the same ' insight' ... 

i Just laugh at it all and some of it  try to write

'16    ' 17 ... even Mogach came to town 

rural lifestyle to assuage her city frown

 ...i have a picture if her jaw dropped at the throne of some silly 

make-up-plastered-on carnival 'beauty queen'

errata, trowelled

straight out of a


crete mixer...

Forget all that... backwards anti progress, hypocretian  fuckin 

whatever earns... them nothing

authentic or  ever constant

 '17..'18... my little buildin lite and fence restoring jobs....

Every single one... 75% the 'woman' of the 'house' 

in charge, him still sneakin' off to towny hedge fundin' between sessions down the ...matrix

Domine...  wheltin his arse with expensive stix

Nothing to do with me i would tell them

 10 quid an hour to rebuild your gateposts

fifty to Be soundboard to your silly towny  psychodramatic   boasts

( you live HERE! middle of nowhere, anything other than how to live here, year in and out, in NOTHING is to me but a boast)

But even ten quid... 

many a time in my little on the job protection recorder 

[ she smiled, a conspiratorial one "yes we had to do so, too... even here in Mermparadise, end of the Cornry defaced, sceptic old toe"]

she, would regale weeks into the job. " oh how great ... you're a real careful warrior to my land, sheds 'n  fences, not some pissheadpistaking slob... in my records"

( their fenceposts i would do, over a  sunny week, three coats of bitumen, i couldnt care less about them, but pride in the job)

... but always

And it got so much worse 2020 and on

These million quid  equity ' beautiful'  babes

The last few weeks.. or days... my daywage would go 'wrong'

like if they needed to play some sick towny girly game.... . to show who they are

Wonky Dominatrix ...'even here' i spent years singin' to myself... walking the hills.... days..

In the wrong place, as  the rural folk had rule number one, pay your day labourer, no matter what else, done...

he may have goosed your bum in the pub, weekend gone... 

nope the land, is labour, and it gets paid for,  feelings...or none"

 " d'you...  know years.. and years... for us ..yep,  Just the same...." 

" well i hope you have a little nest egg to  end your days... chirping more happily, and forget their sick ways...  but know too, they won, they are  now society, 


salt of the earth 

you Be as you say,  

but seller of nothing, their wonky game

and we lost, they own bed of flowers, weirdosex,  and all a  board"

" ... no, not really... little to show, for years  diggin' their sewers,  cementing their walls... 

 our policy, our way was show them quite clearly, the paperwork, bills transparency-  we never  even stuck on a slice,

 builders premium 

per bag of cement, upping 'net' price...

but the thing that hurts... probably forever will... make me feel abused, almost ill...

Fair price, no fiddlin... these 'beautiful people' .. and

 you   make me smile, Mermaid " birds"

as they flocked  down here, from London in herds

The lack of kindly 'community' ... 

so rarely meaningful, thanks...

even to me a woman, whos simplest ideal rural artisan builder life,

 over lifestyle colour suplement... 

one and all, these so called  earthy  'sisters', lustily wanks..."

"... tatty bye, really really great to meet you... i knew all this, but  you end my chronicle-  a spade's a cheaply treated, theyre just cheap... all  white only, porcelain,  spades

 and thats that...

... if you can keep the body goin'  me now 10km each day....  we know we did our authentic best.... 

that i know is best Just step in front of step


not her instagram sales pitch sort, 

but the real stuff- powering on  via authenticity  ...and that's free..."