Sunday 17 March 2024

The List...ssss

( an actually REAL writer, " bird")

note to self

my  book

of self


six... Le 6



 a first ' list' 

rendez vous

( if we were French it would be ' tu')

Anyway dam them all 

Yesterbird, long sussed them all.

But a sad "bird" ... gave up  that great game,

 five years ago... me amd Dex now,but hes no " human"  clue is in the name

( as i have now seen it  all...really all...a brace of Dulux dogs,  by my stopping place... one is showing off, bit two... especially when so badly raised 

neuro divergent family ways

not how you raise

an animal, kindly: to Be an animal  only, what they are

they bark and craze.  

paradise at last 

"  thing is,  really.... there should be two... 

we're the real thing....  lifelong naggers... 

solo til a few years ago, a backtumor stopped me from my thoroughbred mount...

count my lucky stars, but "backwatching",  safety, and esprcially BALANCE, too...

our main mode of transport, far better .. with us


" and i can see your flat cap, for real, 
is the stain from headbutting some prissy facypants 85 grand a field, incommer... told you you're a  threat to 'human ity ... no neon flashing ' look at me'..?"

so much to remember as i always do
weave later into a healthy stew

meanwhile, Kairos
i wasnt ready

.... til 'now'

page 1, newlifechapter 1, almost her very first words.. 

Great lit
( none of Mrs List's insulting way of facialeyesing with her sardonic "chick lit")

I am going to have to " change" my playing-hard-to-get
 because i simply cannot wait
to see her eyes...

" here... THE Queen of life affirming true seditiim,
 in this beautiful 1994 edition.... 
i mean...  just have a glance
and... tell me what you.. ....think"