Saturday 9 March 2024

( ' cause'.. in a whisper)

 a decade ago i figured if as well as replacing her " trauma" with


Every bloke MP gaining  pimping i shoukd say, per Any Questions, lying that their saintly female colleagues dont employ a serf to read their twitter offense and ' abuse' first... 

just as they did 100 years ago

" sir... have we got any  petky nrw quips to send back to Mister Angry  dogshit  messager from  Porthpoo...or shall i just send him the standard, ' thanking you for your recent missive'.."

if only the right words could Be used for

' cheeky..'

instead of offense, extremist offense and all the latest words that keep even awful drug addict who blamed someone other than himself being so stupid as to get hooked on drugs .. Jordan Peterson in a job

( my critique if him interwoven with my cheeky rif on walkers)


all would Be well

even thicko bad


 evol biol

 Dawkins does a " Christmas cheeky inbox"  vid

and we laugh...with him

 cancel all words for cancellable words, out

just calling it all


long ago i copyrighted THAT


but i need a helpmeet...

cos no one Be leaves a man may have a non naughty Wayne Cousens  brain any more

never mind the balls to occasionally flash it... at the real beautiful souls