Saturday 30 March 2024

Divinine ish... comedy?

 Define, ish...

Now, naturally having once ( no more capital Bees... no one of many could give a shit about anything ..ever..i knew it autumn 2022, but have only found a far funnier poetical swarm of pretenders.... smiley performerists, as vapid and microplastic heavy, as the' organic' honey ... they ptetend to despair at full of ...their waste of a life...and i guess they terminally poluted the " warrior" Serbian mind.... set only, all of them in finding fault.... when none ever DID anything, real....) having  been a serious person involved in real " free speech' which is to protect the ordinary citizen - law based on being reasonable ..what does the ordinary human on a streetcorner think..?... and what are they unable to say/ write  about greedy or unfair behaviour by power/ money structures ...or local individuals,  that is  opressive or cruel or prejudicial to a reasonable expectation of ordinary life...with family or ones basic human rights to s roof, living etc...

I know where the line is. .


My own randomish just taking the ever more damaged environment ( in a region where it should not have happened as larely little intense factory farming or meggabuild a decade ago) deficit of local democracy 

 ( Horrorfordshire ... Powys, so masonic and stuck in the 15th c they subtly  attacked  any YOUNG people, especially...or to some extent women people,  who seemed likely to join a council...i 

have a magnificent inside look at their snide tactics... and thats just from the goody goody green elder statespeople of the region

.... utterly refusing to let go and pass on batons to younger ones  despite them being useless,   fat  ill, smug alcoholic and unable even to promulgate a fakebook contact account ten years ago! ...never mind even an email or mobile phone contact....  when electioneering on their behalf....being told ' " ehh seems many want that, they do it on cities as primary contact weve researched".. 

 narcissism is well defined by  slightly established fat 'Greens' clearly believing they are so adored    cos of one fat councilor in one ultra sick sleazy town .. who gets smiles at one shabby 3 trestle table ' farmers market' ... the electorate will quiz them on policy by esp, or ' were all commected by the divine  energy of the universe' methods ... which neither ever made a phone call to rally the troops, or went to an anti chicken shed public planning meeting, to my knowledge.   )

so.... i think its all  a magnificent comedy... Emir the Serb would turn into a hilarious  bonkers wedding scene

( i must put that film up, i made a year ago,  of his bride being lowered into her wedding feast seat... later today... full power ahrad today!)