Saturday 30 March 2024

' comedy' ..more philosophy:

 Don't assume, or try to predict...

Five years, but especially last 10 months, a pattern.. that doesn't interest me as no one born here ever will... i merely follow simplest rules of how fellowship/ alliance were necessary to  ne in small groups to ' take part' a bit

As even stone age human knew, i am quite sure

As it's in the better anthropology...i adored reading ( Methen, After the Ice,  a great  round up of it all)

Last 10  months, at least 50, maybe nearer 100,  seemingly more open minds, riffed with... at a very human level... shared awarenesses etc... not one ever meant a word.

Maybe the Vix's .. Mr and Mrs ... we shall see...

But most folk well onto 60s... sadly they spend most of their resources on being ill, or not... caring and battling on ( no one can do, except me,  i now know)

moan moan even those whom perform


first sniffle, default is 

be precious


no hope

but the 'comedy' ... about the only one with SOME sustained  spirit inner..

having trained her 2  years ago  its not a good idea to spend a year people pleasing me: promising boxes of childrens books to my illicitgirlies [ see mylinks] and other kids of my hamlet for me to pass on, all the libraries run by terribly fat things, still hiding from the get-the-fatties bug so still closed summer 2021... promised labouring  work,  and even was PROMISED: " youze a tad chubby you admit, my friend farmer, side gig as pilates queen, and superb brutal sense if humpur, i have arranged for you that she will give you free one-to-one  anti chubbiness sessions at my river... cos at keast you are honest the maybe bug, defo gets the chubbies...and despite you being evil adamant Faragiste brexiteer...i wish you better health and longevity.. " 

mu my talk about an explosion in her local pub..

... a bit of ' truth'

i dont know why i put that word in quotemarks as a year of recordings as fuck me you cant trust anyone born bred here....

proves actually true 100%

probably because no one in uk seems to actually even wish to know one simple fact any more

mine being, my one best sort of trusted ally despite megga fireworks ( it was funny, her day of reckoning) insulting her Surrey single child, army major  daddy, princess only child ... with the actual facts....

But if i have one source of ' pride' it is that a few months of her sulking, on.... 

 gradually  she was manhandled...into a more balanced real ally...

and despite being evil brexiteer, flakiest person ever existed,  is my only trusted ( actually i just couldnt give a fuck any more)  enjoyed confidant...

.. my one good tjing i got from her platonically is i guess understanding up close... 100s of hours chats in 4 years...only about 5 phone slamming downs   .. 2 storming off hissyfits 

 ... i learned about the single child princesses

in case i ever married one or ....  i could write the bible on them now... and it dont end in Apocolypse four  whoresmen..vstuff... ends in only mirth and friendship.. and fellowship

Suzi knows no one has handled her as well as i have... even her  2023 sacked  30 year bestie ( girlie)

will never admit it of course, princesses cannot... 

 but i am the pea below the lowest mattress  and i ...grew into a lovely flowering sweatpea plantpot all yhe butterflies love to feat upon...... despite her