Sunday 3 March 2024

Don't think!

 There's me thinkin....

( theres only one song for her, even if she is  his songl" ird" ...aunty thesis..)

Her hair is still

( Loitering.... " i like her.... that moment, her falling off her clog.... its one of my few " human" memories near nine months, this fetid Essex sexless swamp....... 

but  there is no  way in this universe and McGilchrists other brain one that she can say anything that will distract me from keeping this poetical last post  bouncin around in my head like a perfect  ....  final curtain")

And damn her...

she went and 

".... he is even coming around for lunch... why im in a rush..... we had love once...and when i started to let him back  in 

under armed guard of my crazed " bird" deathstare...

  i noticed my [ 9 year old] ...changed.... so much for the better..and...

" well i uze him for his fixin the sink

him for me for the odd bit of lunch..n tea" 

" .. well... you know you impressed me first dance ..our eyes met

but this is real life now...

if you can do

what almost none can even if they preach Mermeration ... outdoors....indoors tgeyre only acid nation...

  please... write a clog dance about it as ... art must be of some use.... and you know you are at least bulletproof, reignig queen as we stand in the rains .. in that  hardest ever real life dance the death... death and hate or rebirth

for her you both birthed, once in love...

   and indeed...  prove what i was pondering earlier..."

and i fucking forgot my cast iron bed of a fixed short burst of last words, to epilogue 3 hrs of em from dawn



an hour.tjoughtbubble, but now burst.

to a sick people

unable to know the poignant poetry

in epilogue

yes poetical, not finished yet

a people more

possessed by the perfect hitech


over poetical  real life epilogue

she just proved yes fuckit they are 

or can Be

better than 5 years of the  meat n two veg.

In her case

errata, their: 'you tell him, 

says well fuckin done "

But me



In fact from 05.55 exactement


A birthday present, to Be

All very well, words are enpty, even rather good ones.

But quite rightly

" bodily"

that poem verse i once sent

many years in my head as best intent

But i always felt just a bit

fraud,not entirely 'feeling' it

By 0900

today, last ever time at number 2

One honderd percent

Grow old along with me

The best is yet, to Be....

Every feeling -  knowing my whole body  rather well,

and every ebb and flow, feeling 'younger'; feeling even weary ( not for years)

I can honestly say that i did not 100% believe that poetical  '

"best" can truly Be.

Fact of me.

Until ...finished, this morning

All the thoughts thoughtfully, years long pondered... patiently ...

time awaited.

When there was an epilogue. Even if ....


it... is better than a made up Bobsong

Even if theres only one, for her


The wettest mizzoday

The den ( she confirmed) ... of thieves,

 uktraMerms all around-  as on the stage she clogged around

I mean talk about supercharged sexuality.. but shes, like, dancin...

just for me...

( a look behind,  did confirm.. 'what me!?'

... but i cant even put one foot afront t' anything like  artful tango harmony, 

why she pick on me...)

i go for a pee 

in performative compost potty

And returnin'

as she laid there, prone

fell off err cloggy throne

" i just kept lookin at her face so white, i didnt know what to think" 


even if... you wont know, in paradise 2020 Meany Management  inc

let it all out you go...for free

anyway i was there i need no 'rememberence of things past' or second sight into any future


todunchtime as shes droppin it all around..

"first of all at that clatter the air ambulace gotta come pick y'up....  just as i was at peak mesmereyes .. you 'n eye....  now your bleedin wonky car 'larm... frig you dont half find ways to get all the attention.... now i gotta pick up your  scattered lunch ... my my you're all of a flusteration....  but thanks for conformation... even you walkin out one of their Stepford men musucal gatherations.....  remember what i told you tell"

" ... aww gotta go late now gotta stick their roast on...

"i will see you sooon...  i hope i do....."

 The village beauty,

Bob woulda rit an actually even better best ever ditty

had ee not beem stuck with poshtart pussy cats, kitties... compared to the actual one you wouldv blown a fuse 

as she

 put the pot on err

late night, after show, cooker

sex on " i still have a lump on my"  legs

 never says things like that to me


And of course, an even better 'moment" ... to leave


Which is indeed more than epilogue

to an epilogue

About .... time to quit, 

man child Peterson... could never instruct what childs of anu nation

may benefit hearing, in just a few steps....

... np turnin around... now

i am


when life simply could not




Is when you are gone

But interesting

as the shithead culture vulture  henpecked

gatekeepers of art

compile their lists

diversity tarts

the 100 best  romantic movies" sure has recoloured itself... into a rather different hue

But years i never saw it anywhere

as if disappeared under the arrestcrazed hedge

hog stair

( stare!.. i postix play)

But seems all

along one they cannot   prize the jaws off it 

rotweiler little fucker of

a film of



for by far the Dirtiest Dancer ive ever seen makin eyes at me

from the film bout get err in the club

and work out lunch place sittin'


but takes two to



in a grown up manner