Friday 8 March 2024

" for the English to see" *

 especially if walking

( except my fine German acquaintance a day after.. humbly dressed..functional pack... .   demure colours blend on with nature)

except in fact

an immo wouldnt know... just how much in the 80s even 90s COOP sold themsekves asTHE ' ethical' place

they alone starved The Marches 2020 and on

first 10 minutes

then ramble on

ramblin on about the walkers...the truth

1st march

long one

the 0ne could care about who the English are

theyre, all ..only here to Be magpie or perform... 


as understanding, is the only true happiness i know.... always

and key to mental health and unlined face

* fine Portuguese saying it means the fence is rotten wood behind the fresh coat of picket fence paint