Friday 8 March 2024

her [ inix] astrology

 last post

video added in

silly haiku, i am gone!! 

one thing makes me ( AND the Bees) sick.... 

to see

what is life

if full of care

fields of plastic


the Rinsey Atch

no more


to do

The END of everything



too late,  but i accept even her


And anyway

she one else

"Be ware charlatans!!"

.. which at least in that respect makes her

the only one

ever to manage that communication

of reality

yester maybe something said?

I can no longer Be bothered keep anything in my head

 oh yes

ignore their little mess



i could get a Turner 

 my collage

hundreds of these

who the English really ...are...if you please

probably wrong order

all got a time stamp

for a reason

next wi ter season

i shall get to work on diaries of this so sad  region

last on my to do list.... hopefully to die of boredom


a place no one  Be leaves... in anything

photos still to do