Monday 4 March 2024


 ( one 'l' !! .. not the double hell they crave)

Like all ideas, especially those that could never be proven 

and the only great scientist  The Don..

 i stumbled upon

mid 2020

' searching' 

wow its still there!

" so what have the ultraconmen such as Deepak got to say about  this truly joyful  stop...?"

nothing, all of them were hiding under his million quid studio consul

The Don

" my theorey can never Be proven ... [ or dissed] ..".... his first one of 2020ish the best i have the link elsewhere in chronicles "

Though he didnt have hologramitis... 

the  new deathcult of hologramitis is no different from the dreadful Chretien ' end times' 

it basically is a get out for fat Maggiemerms to bother actually doing anuthing real in the 'green'  really really hard WORK .. political/ sociological need to hold truth to power/account...  fat greedy rivershitters will be fat greedy rivershitters unless you do the WORK

of course Be ing in  holovram one is bother

just like Budhism and all other ism itises...

however  a tjoughtful person may theorise the vest way to Be...

is always.... act.. as if the nicest natural here and niw " human" non holographjc reality is just as likely.. so ACT in my hologram as if there is some  next level of holograms where they helpmeet o e another by some new as yet undjscovered kibd of hologramism .. which pops all those lonely solo one electical plug per soloism


who knows what the'deal'  is..  maybe the holograms where peeps believe in only their hologram may Be suddenly will evolve into anti holograms where rather than just Be ing in one 

all the others rise up  and your shabby solo one becomes a reality tv show to all the rest 

and the sound of their laughter breaks through  

and  second sighter Dante proved to actually have it, rather than dodgy lowdown horrorscopistes of this oatgetic epoch


oh yes...

i must find that... when 4chan still did supreme afternoon plays

( the very last one about 3 years ago about the olympic drugging whistleblower woman / man helpmeet couple...  it MAY be this but i think not it eas a propper full play based on real life....

she worked for Moscow druggers inc... her hubby investigative journo.... 

wrong it IS it !!!!! Julia.... 

was this documentary

she whistleblew

they had 3 years of total hell marriage ( in their words at the end)

their lives endangered marriage destroyed 

yet.... they hung on 3 years stickin swordsticks in each others gullets...   


3 years on realised their marrige made far stronger and far healthier...


to Be cont

.... that wasnt ' must find that'  

even if the above

( " its a LOVE story..." a real one!!!!!!)

has been on my todo list for a year ( for her)

even more important the simply magnificent radio 4chan dramatisation of the sedition trials 200  years ago....maybe 300  i forget his name  .... a seditionist pamphleteer.. truth to powerist

littigant in person littigating for his.. life....

against the bigot fattists

 of the fatcat,  so called religion, that is Chretien...

3 times in fast succession they had him in the dock....

but he used


Monty Python... to spit back, in the faces of the hanging judges, and win

your right to Be

a bit 


( recorded for lass in chrons it will Be here one day.....soon... i bored of this tine to get a life..    soon)

( xxx find Chopra vid from 2021  from Chopra towers kidding... he has a young dexy Gweekian slacewoman dressed like an actual spacewoman...npt a natural fibre in sight..... operating some large consol of electronics stood next to him in lavish expensive home studio... her like something sctually out of tge Rocky Horrir frakenstein making lab is sending Deepak out to save humanity....

oh yes remi ding me of




embers the name og any Byron poems or books. ..

cos theyre not bril...

but the whole universe remembers the name of his pals book she began to write in collaboratiom a bit with the blokes on holiday one night at lake Como... mrs and mr Shelly...  bonkers Biro... and  someone else collaborating..... 

but every single oerson in the weztern workd has heard of her best ever ever book on


against gyppo van livers.... or even" monsters"

the simply gorgeous perfect zillion seller