Monday 4 March 2024

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rescuing soggy Krauts on the hill

" hahhh hahhhh... i hope you dont need a train..Pastyland endlessly moaning about how poor and victimised they are so many decades they have moan moan  ' victorian era rail signalling still ... ' 

that is being replaced next few months so there arent many trains.   i heard on wireless todawn.." 

the Kraut, based 30km from central Germany,  Hannover, the third richest country in world, officially, today... despite what the menchildren of  the rabbithole of illuminati webwank  conspiracies, claim about the EU, the lizards of Iicke, destroying even the Fatherland!!....

.. herrr... who is a lifelong railway signalwoman .. 

"  what you talkin about...  my signalls are all the old fashioned pointy up or pointy down wooden signs..[ she handsignalled their motion]  hundred years old or more..... and all my trains run to the second, on time!!....or someone gets shot in the head!!...  perfectly just fine for the job at my extremely busy railway junctions.  "