Wednesday 13 March 2024

i clear forgot

 ... even if still

( the BBC 

- gin stil, may as well Be, 

still goin on about their year of " pity pity poor  oh feel sorry for me" 

evey other stupid word 

bugs n corvid,  

bodily morbid )

fuck,  i KNEW 

i had the world record 2020 back to life 

ultra great funny life is new


even i fit will Be another decade 

before the sick little publishing gatepostesses might deign to even read

 so happy tales, rather than their piped pimped misery


Impossible anyone has a better  newlife, silver lined tail!

than illicitgirlsridingclub ( in the links) blogspot dotcom

... until yesteraft i heard how,

one young lass

in fact has the best ever

 lifeaffirming,  pure universal, ( pictures worthy!) time immemorialgoodness out of their buggy  'bad' 

damn her!  last word!