Thursday 14 March 2024


 ...Be "hermitude"?

Not the plan.

Cut to scene, in a movie never to Be seen:

In the arts cafe/space/performingplace

Well they can't, even enjoy the 'space',  when a dozen dotted all around

Each one,  head down, faces frown.

I see them.

A large room just farming hunched laptop munchers.

There cannot Be any 'art'  when even in the top art temple: temples furrow'd


only their machinery ploughing another atomised online shallow, furrow - architextured, in such a way, against all old ways of Being every day - some of it at least, eyes up and eyeing up the awe around,   nope only ...down ...down which all 

" human"  Be ing.... 


Into the sewer. Full of nothing artful. Only sludge.

Furrows need to Be across the slope,  or anything good just finds gravity: and flows  mountain to the sea.

Another reason why seaside art, is merely effluent, 

seasoned with a fair bit of  placcy aftertaste - a hint of essence, and fabric, of chavvy DryRobe  too.

Except at least with shit, it has a smell. 

Oh hive me simple, poo

( i arrived in make-up hell, inadvertantly, 

pondering a writerly 'safe' space,   next to their socket, devices kept inside my pocket ... thats probably why! "watch out everyone, he not laptop equipped!"  they act so shy )

ff later

on the way out

A red stripe

wants her eye caught.

Here   ... " the rivers are ruined,  one and all, but tell me what do you mean,  you 'activist' ?" ( he asks me... even if i offered = some druggy bloke. Or probably lunchtime pissed. On the pull... ) all the London " bird" can ever Be,  in her head,  so many years that afternoon schmooze rang her bell.

The younger one: " ok what 

IS the way forward then.?." 

" look out to sea.... south, over there....banana boat, dodge the  turds... and oily carcasses of innocent ' birds'

" what you do NOT see, says far much more...

"If we were in a place,  

over there.... anywhere

 large signage, 

'save  the planet'... but more importantly in a  conservation  region ' save this space' 

High mountains of Portugal, safer seawater  sanctury Adriatic coast, even a Polish ancient forrest, probably even pristineish Serbian upland

" i promise you, every person - woodland management worker, front of house, sea quality monitor, and her spouse

" Most years ago knew, all our  bathroom products, yes your  [ to the older 'bird'] bloodred meggalippy too.. if not actually leeching into the land and sea they suppose to protect.. 

" symbolise... the 'human' can be quite as beautiful, and even Be true  timeless, art  in her face....  long ago denounce these  products, 'n things  as a toxic waste of 'space'... 

"on all your bathroom shelves..

"never mind  the other waste, all the TIME to apply ... wasting time to apply ourselves to actually protecting these... places

" this  ultra eco ' space' all your signage briadcadts far and wide.. .. cannot you see? 

the 'art',  the scene, the vista the awe...ful


 most  head down in electronics, or you,  brainwashed, you can only stand there,  my age, fabulously skinny ss a matter of fact, and beam ' environment' at me so...

a lighthouse you sell yourself as to me

.. a  blazing red chemical stripe across your face...  ?

I know its not your fault, personally,  but cannot you see 

a little...incongruity?"

" you will NOT see this, that, you... in the sane lands..over the other side of that sea... start, there youngun.... here is lost...long ago

" and your mate... i liked her lip, cheek... wanting a fight.... i know shes bored, wants a fright...

" over there...otherside...if i had said that  ... to her contemporary... 

at the desk of planet saving exhibitionist gallery... 

" her French German or may Be even eco-serbian

 eyes would have  opened wide... her face lit up with real energy... 

of smiley solidarity... i did put into that riff, first 'all my  life no chemicals on me, no toothpaste asprin...  deodorant smell on me..' 

before  mentioned ANYone else...

...  you saw.. i even said 'sorry' .. bowed down on ...ok fegned humility. ..  

thats what you call word-policing luv....  same side so your

sign says

but only seeking ways to 'cause'

a border, between her and me...  her face couldnt hide

below her painted smile

dont bother being an environmentalist type here.....   unless you keep to only her script...  and you saw. . the net result... of

That not

 one else can see, because the word policing, means what i said to her,  i liked... must NEVER Be..