Sunday 10 March 2024

 hahh i got it!

though dont need it

all i know must Be, is rescue one fine mind

liferaft over the sea. 

But Mermaid slime, superpowerglues, i guess 

for the rest of her  time

UK went totally spastic

when they started to Lion eyes

a man called Terry

I would see them light up as if all the world, their Cyclops one eye 


his absurd little non World


for the  Prat-shit no mind moron kind

their mental retard  unreal sanctuary

goggle eyed they hid from reality

This spastic

place, is indeed just a boot...  but one only of peeled off,


to boot.

.... less terrible rhymes to come.... 4 in a day... yesters...and a.. long one from dawn, one hour flat

as foottrap as the mud seperates her from me.