Sunday 10 March 2024

Aunty Mus-slime...

 Note to self

Now we have no Steve Wright on Sundermorn - maybe once a month, when  feeling brave to ponder the  essential mental  illness called thr  'l' word,  ever ever again turn on 4chan especially Anita.. 

Broadcasts a house

Where you will never hear,

 " live from the violent ferral white backstreets of Foulmouth or  the zanyplace of the Pen... aryan junkies and even moreso 

leatherfaced alcies.  

like Michelle  always ( yezteraft) sayzzz,   

"said"f rhyming with the perfect song

40 years the meany hid

The drunken new stepfather

and his drunk newmate

mum of three

'we had to sit with them...on the pavement.. him covered in beerbottle blood.... poor whitefaced


pissed mum stood by...just stood...


 her kids pants reekin of fearful pee'

... deathtoll, booze, last night...maybe five or ten.... 

lifelong alcie induced

 " trauma"  some may heal  from

 just may Be

one day..

using Katarina's pen.... 

not an 'extremist' raghead to Be seen... in this white riot deathly scene.... " 

 whist they Aunty


perform pity

after  a letter

about 'extreme' ity

of a people mainly

dont drink this poison....

And generally still rsise their kids 




blood free