Saturday 2 March 2024

i run..

 ..ahead, of, having had such a splendid   .. this is THE " 'simple' stories" 


yestermorn i cleared my desk yesteraft,of something from a month ago

In my head all the time. Though all the South West is as dull as the polluted ditchwater  everywhere...they all blame SOMEONE ELSE for

And i am in a parrallel jniverse where none if it exists, except one little pile of mouldering wood,  i couldnt not have a one word or 2 hr George Borow style summary of who i see on my landloping... 

And it all came tlgether in a yesteraft audio splurge as i walked the ... 

well the ' coastal path' .. js hardly any kind of actual real walk in nature or  on real wild land with ferkin propper hills and propper mud. 

but the way 90% perform on it... is to me a tragicomedy befitting the ancient Greeks realising in Sophocles's version of Eastenders the big kingly  bully boys  actually do have SOME self knowledge/ ability to self critique ... eventually... 

is worthy of note

As i know it IS weird sicker  uk post 2020... old pathways, and even moreso this  performative   'walk in the [ theme] park'