Saturday 2 March 2024

to a non first langer


i still have it onphone.

Soon to wipe all  trace...

One word no one could describe really...simply.... just how even more of a swordstick stab in the throat it is  than ' pity' .. 

is coquette..  


objective, people watcher decades. .. knows there is almost no difference whatsoever in the latterday incame woman of all the SW ... to  the way the coquette of Flaubert,  Balzac or even  Bernhard..  was portrayed, with wistful rather loving pity

one real difference, theyre so badly educated they havent even read those who rightly held up what they Be came wishing to say its not right

" change" .. 

all they did was    begin a new performance .. i guess to hide their own absolute lack of backbone.  

but i know, 

i only ever see coquettes .  .. everywhere here

Thats really really a very very not nice word... but wishing people well, better... means you gota know the actual truth, first

And i know also... 90s in The Marches, prior the luveratti arriving and buying it... i emigrated tgere age 32 with no money, no position in society, no special skills except a vocation i knew was false and not good for me and humanity.. airborne nomad...i had enough real and good for humanity.   no status, no skills i wished to use idea who to Be

 no money...


The ordinary folk i hung out with, ( kindof drawn by books, but not from London, more from hicktown provincial places lije Worcester, even Oswestry) down to earth ... not one in any way ever coquette....

every woman i knew in old Hay way... in charge!!  for real and beyond being judged ever by appearance...ever...  none bothered with any ' look'

how things really did go