Sunday 10 March 2024

I, Woman

 The only real one, left.

But, you! pity me!

By '13 or '14 every one sane sisterhood i once had

Gone to Facebook, 

Pretending personhood, they never knew how to Be

The juicier ones to a thousand 'friends', maybe even three.

Then along came '20 and by '21

 nearly everyone, 

selling fake smiles by Zoom

ways of being

 too cowardly to  ever pimp face to face, but all is well now they have  free 3d

Last night i watched a video.

I made the mistake some time ago of watching reality.

So the alogorithms now repeat it often into me.

In America, dont you know,  every year now, thousands of us kill, brutally.

Their men;  for money - life insurance, THEIR half of a business, not enough, no,  all for me!

( even hiring hitmen, about 7 thousand bucks  gets the job done if youre lucky, plus extra for the Glocks)

One i watched, the  new  contractor, turned out to be an undercover cop

the whole thing, including money drop

 caught on highfidelity dsshcam tv.

And then on Youtube, now, the whole word can watch her ...

They have videophones ( recorded)

 even in high  security penitentiary 

She has life, no parol. 

Yet you can see

how still she looks into that camera, her final ignominy

trying to  act absolute innocence, for some  so called sympathetic, man  'friend' ...

 who sells the video file ...  to Youtube tv