Sunday 10 March 2024

a thoudand Lucies

 by mum and dad


( just themselves, and their babycakes ..immagination)

( errata... thats what it really started with, how forgettable, fads are :-) ..every single one Fakebook pimpin'  ' detox'... )

Be happy, at least i dont have any 'sisters' ...  any who sneaked into my life, long ago  schism-sacked

And springtime walking, here we go...

but stay away from any, 

head in their devices looking down

i.e. almost all.

( why did she ... who says " we have started to regress to shoulder slumped lower, deevolving,  form of humanity..." not....  even know  when someone who agrees with the real her... and finds that a unique, positive thinking,  incongruity)


i have her in notes - her final fake it, zoom call into penitentiary tv


hard to find quickly, there are in fact so many 

but it matters.... because you cannot be " human" or any form of functional  parent, without a hell of a lot of real face to  facetime, 

almost daily