Thursday 28 March 2024

If I were a Bee

 ...i would sue

Even if i don't Bee leave in vulgurally MissAppropriating

Innaproproliate money

" hmmm.

 what have we here...wasye of self obsessed plastic..."

Rogers beautiful truth, works, to the rather wonderful 24 year old within...
" you see them there.... there is a beautiful man lives 10 km down the road...singlehandedly saved THE BEES [ go back to late december posts here on Bees..the two varieties...both i love]... they wanted to arrest him for sedition him daying the vhemical cure was evil, his natural remedy  true...he won...but he told me yes that honey there..laced with microplastic, luv... your gen... have it so easy, Gweek tarts failed... they lie...only....  thry failed...go to my webpage xxx only a few see this real truth...."
her eyesvlit up for real, the..truth

but jist 10 min later one is reminded of reality: millions of fat fakes just play at caring...spend money on Miss Apropriated confection...

they would run a mile if one is witjin pne km...and still buy tones of microplastic manmade fibres...n Dryrobes...  end up down the drains...( washing machine effluent) ...and picked up by the lovely Bees
trendily they pimp fake love of....all over i see!

back toculture, the movie, soon.... Owen will see this
Owen too good a bin fir yourconfected bin fodder...

not up til 20:00

so yes, Easter 2011 ..maybe 12... i forget so irrelevent  I could have sued for ... unlawful arrest

ANY one else would have

NO ONE ever has had the beautiful Montyputhon  Easter Saturday...of the ' prosecution' barrister, the one who is paid royally ( and Easter out of hours tripple time bonus, paid to lie about the defendant and make up as much stuff as posdible TO KEEP the poor citizen, in clink...) ... begging ...actually begging the court... to let me free...he knew the truth....

best laugh ever

( stories to weave in.

.all connected...not interested in me but evo vandalism is because of her ' " narcissism" ... and i am now on a megga national funding drive.... to make the movie of that

so i need  just ONE good mind.... just to write simple prose about hypocricy cant and vanity...

I need 2 part time Erin Brockovic's..... plural

real.... she stood up against the cant and vanity. With words. Even if i am 3xErin... She wasnt risking her beloved parenting and didnt get lore in her name, saved thousands from  actual state sanctioned child abduction 

( as MP Hemming, my main MP fan...had Esti and Dad for tea at his house - the big one on The Thames, unlike any nazi in this selfish county... said in The House late 10s for and would publicly repeat for a few years " uk authorities/ doctors / social worlers / courts nozing into your family life, they are all duplicitous.. Nazis..and one of many reasons UK should Be in The Hague ahead of poor keast they only get the recipe book out at the thought of fresh social services  and vounty councils, get their bank book out totting up the commissions due for unlawfully abducting them into private foster 'care'...."

they could only tell their stories...cos of only one

Now speech lore is about to be taken to a whole new national level.....  at some risk to myself but i now know it is the right thing to do.... anyway  no one to care for   nor bother Be ing my best person or self,for.... 

nothing to lose, go all the way now.... no turning back

not as a ' cause' but ONLY to fund new real

The Moaner