Thursday 28 March 2024

great thing about

 underclass destinata... 

these days  even the staff so busy performing bluegay haircuts, and the boys doin their nails... projecting all over the place their ' sexuality'...  top of the competetive camp voices

theyre too thick to even notice " thats funny... that bloke at work in the on his table... i dont remember him ar the bar ..."

simple life tip 1, Blokes called Henry or Rupert in Gweek.....( so many.... 75% at least  of my 100s of disciples i have verbally joshed with 10 months ... as soon as i use the G word in conversation, god they wince painfully... ..its hilarious!!! i have proof!  )....are so fake that behind their designer dreadlocks, they  notice every  single strategy to not pay Henry his 5 quid for an overpriced  craft beer or skinny frthy crap coffee made with polluted chemical water in his ownshitcreek... ( surfers against sewerage got their slot on 4 chan yestermorn...the ultimate!  as a few sane women agree with me... they DID nothing...ever...but display bumper stickers... not if course made if plastic either...)

Henry will have a deluxe SAS sticker on his 50 grand SUV pickup ( in a place, remarkably pothole free fair dinkum) and notice, this is not ' my ' glass.... 

Je suis underclass ..


when it suits me,

 that is only



no idea why, kindof


a bit


' now'

My best ever story.... is thursday, Be fore Easter Friday

THE day the feds arrest, if they wish to really have fun with you

the ONLY day of the year they cannot get a magistrate to check you out.... for 4 days

Timed to pefection, 13 years respect if a whole million words i had rit...over a few years ....many enjoyed.... 

telling poetical truths, even a top regional lawyer had told me a few montgs earlier ' you dont have to take it down.... legally ..thats crystal clear.' 

And something left up 4 or 5 months... not added to...of course the ONE day guaranteed to cause max  egative effect on the citizen.... 

cos it even riffed on them

as they knew

 "The Keystone cops".. of Powys

showed what ' free speaxh' is really for in a grown up society where no one gives a fig about  sex colour or equality..

all of that was well and truly sorted 30 years ago

unless you just blame 'advertising' for brainwashing 90% of middle aged women they arent women unless they spend 100 quid on yer bleedin hair .... every few she added in thismorn

i dont blame marketing, a sane person, only blames ...themselves