Thursday 28 March 2024


( this needs more work to explain. and there is a Lotteritis#2..  Lotteritis only occurs in places with a high proportion of ex Londoners or their children holiday....  you do not find it in towns or fural places with low rates of ex Londoners... Cornwall seems quite unique as a ' IS' places like Hetefordshire, Shropshire there is NO tradition, no culture of anyone ever profiting personally knowing an ex Londoner...and in fact it is totally yhe opposite, it is known is the culture one never will profit from them.... .other than via market rate transactionism...... eg a wealthy Londoner...maybe a relation of Slobodan the Serb - IF he was a baddie and raped his people's coffers?????? [ i know not,  i do not trust western media!! ] ....his moneylaundering nephew may have a cleaning lady in Crouch end...who's piano playing nephew  one day innocently underwinged by the rich householder...and mentored... he is superrich.... and needs ' pets'... the superrich buy pet humans...this NEVER happens away from Lobdon or Cornwall

pet humans may sereptitiously suffice other needs only the superrich have or desire.....may provide 'friends' for yhe superrichs less innocent activities perhaps only-boys parties...etc....

the superrich  get their existence ...via grooming of other humans at a perdonal level... this hardly happens outside London or London second home places like Cornwall....

there is a good Donald sutherland movie

how the superrich man can ALWAYS a pet.... attractive woman ex friend as' nurse' .... this does not happen away from supertich places like London and beautiful example of lottetitis.... it is not nice having it...especially as you dont know how it ruins your life...until you have bern totally out of a loytetitis dociety for some years....and realise, at last you are alive.... fully)


A new label / invention 

How in fact places like Cornwall are ' London'

A state of mind that is so unhealthy over long periods.   Why no one here has bright eyes.


bad poem, om the road at dawn,  melds into  good psychology

( ulimately its ALL bout apetities)


Loteritis ( living for real in the 'now')

( a new word, copyright me,  came about at dawn today....3rd time only it appears in English, my mind works great despite disastrous bad headcold...and every single person of 100s met last 9 months a sour unfriendly fake..... in fact belies yet more terrible cunty modern preaching, you will see a new wave  - it is most noticeable of " the science says  we dont need loadsa sleep.. we function perfectly well on hardly any" ..this is evil Thatcherite [as is all of Cornwall as this poem explains] and plain wrong.... i feel crap but 8 hrs great sleep, head works better than ever.... REAL thinking not being a robot thinking asallThatcherism is) 

same file in google drive

hashtag:  why even she cant stop and just Be " human"

hashtage: i once held mountains in the palm of my hands

but its better to throw away the ticket. And avoid the ticket machine.

Only then can you Be really alive