Thursday 28 March 2024

now i can retire....


the ultimate HAIRDYE chatup thesetimes, interview

Out of the blue

thistermorn at 09.15 

In the most hated car park... in the hateful status obsessed  place

but as my (one of so may) 'interviews' are dangerous.... 1 minute to approach, if in the mood...and begin a chat and talk about the things never spoken of, among 'strangers' - not a concept an actual nomad as i Be lieves in.... and also avoid arrest....

 i can speak with ANYone...except the one i wish to

I have dozens of chats like this in my chronile in the last 10 months.... all work out. All are only ' good' ... decent,  real human goodness.

Brief snapshots of what we could have Be eeeenn  

All are real. You can hear fake, confected... i  ever am.

And she said, something i didn't know....

 "it takes 3 hours.."

and i had only ..guesstimated... assumed (post / waffle a few days ago - i think its in wokybonce) "£100"

15 min interview