Sunday 10 March 2024

mothers day... in uk

 it is afterall in the one earlier to day

" trauma" " troubles"  for grown ups.. 

how to live.... despite them

and fuck any childwoman addicted to her "he's so sweet" Eckhart childrens' hour videos

too cowardly to even have her own child...

And insults someone, me... who learned to Be necessaril "bulletproof" 

or die of this horrid psycho land...

And would havevlijed YHE only queztion answered " is it the right eay to Be?"

all these shabby little  broken wing Euro Magpies..  

come,  pretend...

Their funeral....  cos soon its gonna all end

and not being  another of their ubiquitous '" narcissists"  means actually listening for someone else

who did what you bravely needed 

to do, too....