Monday 11 March 2024





.... At least for once i learned something ..

" so all the rubbish, never mind as your dad say's, 

"  .'turds' floating off your Kentish sea....  heretoo.. sorry yo spoil your week...

"they say off their rubbish internet   German industry and finance is High Illuminati.... i knew 40 years ago, untrue, 

 and the one most balanced peeps in all the EU... 

one could have a chat even then with German young men ' you lot are always do wonderful.... deep thihinking,  real " human" ... learned your lesson so to speak..'

but tell me the REAL terms and conditions working for big Chain... wow a real job.... [ " big muvvas, to small special precious links"]...

I know that Germolaw requires workers to be on the board...and in effect restricts the paygap, top to bottom.... i trust you ... what is your daily, uk subsidiary, truth...?"   

" 180 year we are established, above all even the 4  family members on the board... only ever, to their serfs, honourable, and above all, fair.." 

I should have photo journalised

But i have 



Two gathered  at a rusty barnacled ancient ironwork stave. ....

 turninh it with their toes

One in wellies with a cut

The other bling-o-bootees , expensive studded leather, freshly cut

" bet thats off a my last region, the  bling originating from trading the slaves..."

Half an hour in, in comes dad...

( " whats she up to laughin over there with 

manky old crusty, has she gone mad?!")


blahh blahh ' turds'

" its just as bad here.... listen i know i can say this to you....

... and my fave song, maybe ever, about a babe who loved the red hair dye.... your thatch,  my god thats a new kind of  ultrared you could see from the red planet .. ...  but i know you wont take this personally... simple truth... 50 years ago... 100... a the sceptic tanks, drains... were created for a people whom would have only two or three chemicals on their  bathroom shelf....  and at that were as thrifty with them,  as if each grain were their last crumb of Auschwitz brekky bread...

" But... now... you know ... dozens, hundreds...just yours .  ... even here on 

holiday....  " 

" lass... he's not wrong you know...."

A fine Krautemployed...woman... means, her knowing smile....

Good for me.

It is no pleasure  in any way having let go such that 

... i know now, in only one, exactly that ....

Their superwoman,  supermodel, ' superpower'.. as we stood  in the dusk... 

Preparing as if for Mars....

laser erase


evers slightest  trace of facial "human" hair.... 

Not one mollecule out of place

An only machine engineered

 perfect android


And every fold and fabric

Exactly in shopping catalogue, photoshot, place


" hark whats this fucker doin chatting up my ' bird'...  and.. they stand and stare...  soulfully... bugger's.. 


Over comes Tom-Paul from a catalogue, too... 

tweeds and aristo-hipsterish beardy  perfection .. 

leather man bag  accessorised .. that firm bigmanchild

stroll in our direction.

" lass...and her dad... now, on my side...  


fucked...  so shut the fuck up... no tourist confected pleasantry... 

she said you like real history... 

so tell me something real 

not Merm confected theme park pleasentry...!"

only five minutes a 

jealous Tom 

tamed and my will Be done

 " wow that reall IS interesting..... shut the fuck up about ' druids' ... i had to live 25 years of that theme park nonsense ...there is literally one fragment in a roman poem from abput made-up-sky fairie zjesus times,  which once only uses the ' d' word in a vague and non descript way... totally imperceptable. . centuries  later its pinched by some charlatan and turned into the badis of a whole modern day Merm ' religion'... i know how it ends... 2009 mumy lass an i  in our near Hay high hills, rescued a young Irish van woman on the run from Glasto, where the ' druids' had drugged her and used her as sex slave a whole year.... i believe her druid tale....  

wow.... how perfect

nothing personal.... y'all so so so of the town....  every fibre on your backs in 

towny perfect 

"look at me" 

even stood here dusk at a pretty wild, well aside .. nondescript


... so that is what 'pagan' meant

 Cityside Romans .. 


they wouldnt know, their   cliff edge  just over  there

But not townies- all the rest, 

Napoleon in rags, to  humble flower harvesters

 we... were simply to them 

The Pagan

pagan just meant and was used as a degiratory term, for  not townies

how wonderful! 

 hahhh hahhhh ... now i 


every single word of the ' nature' ' spiritual' ...con

merely a monetisation, of what 2000 years ago was a rather cheeky  ' fuck off hobo, and we have the armour, so dont come back.. except to sell us carrots  and honey the farmers markets... on our terms' 

the whole shaman, ' wise woman'  2000 year old bullshit thing...

just, as usual, 

 from poor esteem

Be ing


 the bossclass's, underdog....

A true high class man, 

especially if only ever performative, merely because i nowadays  can

chat up even the solo beauty on a no-one-else  beach....

But there never was never any point....

every smallest whisp of " human" 

every atomised ... plucked, or done with bleach

Plastic Barbie, won! 

How dare Oscar honour  the radiation doommonger man

Bleach does as good a sterilising job as plutonium, and comes in a much cheaper little can

And she even did look back

i gonna hunt down that Nonny...

Mumford junior, paid for by hedgefund dad....

All these juniors....

That new key change half way through  ' if her hair was still red.....

 a " dm me for change" 

out of the blue

random miscality in genius which  no son of bigot, Gwerk or any other performative  poor beach bitch 

coukd ever understand

new... real change.. chuck as much of your old self away as possible ... but keep yer roots... and it will be healthier, no man made chemicals or Mer-made... magpieing...ideas

( " but did YOU know mister.... all these silly sky fairie days

... Piran pasty day last week....  three hundred years ago... there were dozens... may Be 50 or 60 in an average year....  but it eas all fake... itwas the way the wily paganpeasantry negotiated with their feudal landownin lords...   ' me lud... saintSerbia day next week dont forget.. .. . we shant be at harvest that day.... and if thine want some vit'ls with us 'umble  religious mad peasants at our alter... and maybe even

a handful of organic


a fair made or two....

after 'sacred' cider, or three

even the prettiest become a bit more easy


 know where we'll Be...."

almost every week a ' religious' shaman nonsense... ' festival' .. making the wirking week on average not even 5 days 


 no one dare deny, or else...

its called a white lie


mutual benefit

poor modernday Merms

and their pay-gun ... market stalls...

" you will live forever or judt Be like me if you buy this magical potion or smelly river Dee ..tox"

Actually do seem to Be leave, what the wise savvy  original rjral peeps

 knew a wonderful rather succeszful, ponzi