Wednesday 13 March 2024

My "art"..

 she eroneously said her perfect nomoaning written bloodspattered  Tightrope scenes 

" just a piece of art"

wrong... Be cause good lifeafirming writing is never ' just' anything...  it is all there ever was.

The spastic 

' God', 

is not a Miss Translation or alternate of the  same word,   'word'  

worded by  some sick skyfairie on crack, cos she fell off her tightope and hurt her bum so needed some for the 'trauma' , mere  accident...

...  it was perhaps a symbolic fight among scholars of yore... politically battling

the meaning in the translation

...   fighting  for the ( their) right word

the goodies lost

So Be it

... mine, well not only do i not really acknowledge the word 'art' ...

 if i have any to show, though it is far more, simply, in stories

And the art of  persisting

with the matter what

( this hasnt even started...yet... as i need to find my rather good poem,  of the Hedgehog-skin-for-a- taxidermist, years.. that just 'manifested' itself quite independently

of me one dawn

The Ring

Better than Wagner's self 



( rich art collectors, i knew many,  are addicted to being stabbed in their own eye,  they lick up every drop of their lwn blood,the best art may cause them to spill...if only the safe art crowd would understand!!)

audio to insert here yestereve Suzi chat


my poem then so actually good it was officially used on a witness stand as killme ammo...  by leading 'journalist', case against .. my my my the 'hate'.. cos it proved i wasny dead.... 

her bullet missed my head did their dock besmirchment even that dodgy judge  knew  an accusation too far...

( a poem, quite long, about the  Egyptian goon,  state forced  executioner - or his own  mum, and sister, and dad...would!!  ordered to despatch a 16 year old young woman Tariah sq  protestor... with his pistol to her head...and as the bullet exited the ring of that little barrel,  he knew he could never ever ever ever  in his life ...encounter a woman worthy....of the other kind of ring he wished  may Be  between that moment....and he.. 

its in fact proof there are right wonky but reak sky fairies who can Be genius poets if they deign ..

 as i didnt write it, i could never do that kind of superlative magical  ...shivers up yer bum.... creativity... ....even if i claimed it  in a dock,  2010ish as mine, faced with hostile fat ignorant ...counter... attack)

Mine... real art... has 3 dimensions

Incomplete without the other two.

And the perfect little 

still-in-plastic ( to con someome else,  i bought it for her as a present.. but if she read her birthday email, she i hope will smile at my 3 dimensional 

dont ferk with me

to' wit. .)



proved to me what i had long pondered but never encountered

and need to copy

even if my idea 10 years ago

She is true Queen of it in that book.

Yes good imagery ( hers top class) , is all very well - i have 10+ years, saved.. poignant imagery.. one copy i lug around in my bloody packpack all day.. 

But ... the 2nd or 3d dimensions ... change everything

( as do her pepfect concise  pages between pics) 

if one 5 or 6 perfect paragraph accompanies each

As she alone seems to Be able to do.

Thats to me IT.. 'art' ? but it works...

Be cause... this...

 no not caused by anyone new,  indeed i always knew 

( in my heart)

She, QueenMerm, autumn '22

me fixing,  bringing peace  to her goin' bankrupt kitchen table...  unangstify it...for her boy.  would  cost me far far more than time... i never pay for even a postcard never mind December 22 " please put me down as the buyer for his picture; 20 quid for the print a bargain for something only powerful, stops me dead... real art..yes i will pop back, pay and collect in the new year, when the  exhibition closed" 

From December, Queenmerm with 8000 quid of cruelly factory farmed sausages upstairs.. their stressed out  mum's undertable, dogshit got even on my shoe... thrice she ... hmmm... what is a more poetical word than 'pants on fired'? " i will pay you back your expenses - bus to library [ for only her work] expensive comic in the COOP [for her lovely  lad] .. money subbbed only for a week! as you know from doin my accounts 800 quid tax creds comes in every month...  giveme just a few more days... and as you my ONLY hope; and liability -  50  foodshop quid you lent ...  you are ONLY priority.  " 

ff mid jan '23, i dont even have the heart to explain, "sorry dont even have a fiver for bus to come back again... someone  i knew i could trust,  three times in 2 months promised,  so my audiofilestore" 

I guess this one astonishing piece of art is still in storage ...labelled: ...   

!! awaiting collection and unpaidcash...some  smarmy people pleasing con man we didnt charge up front.... for the nasty conman cunt's   cheap skate unpicked up piece   he ruined it for everyone else never put on a sold label without money to buy it

actually visible on the Ludlow  Arts Centre 


Tis a short story goes with each

transforms ALL my imagery

and the only reason i took any image

10000+ ,  in the first place ( last place upto autumn '22, this one is of no intetest whatsoever... beyond that sad little  shitfilled creek... i will never go back to...i lnow what authenticity is, and what lack of it causes... and how to " change"... but not one has the backbone, even her...)