Wednesday 13 March 2024

" change" she... begs?

 All i know

one of very few

( Georgina got it "god the gaudiness i had to put up with, as a lad.... everyone else a humble Moggy Minor...ourplace  The showoff.. Interceptor, and a fuckin Scimitar GTX..." 

" metoo....i know exactly what you mean")

changes in fifty dull years.

To old man real environmentally caring, 

every weed a 'flower',  for every Bee  to live  a bew day, on


Ralph, fifty years ago: 

" ehhh up..

...i was wanderin' my upper [ Clywydian] hills yestereve...

" god i saw something so new, weird, ugly, horrible... unnatural.....never Be fore....

   no way though  it'll better not catch on !! 

" some walkers coming out from up  the  lane, onto the high hillls,  brackened common land... 

" set up their tent  up there...all very well .. lucky them, best spot for the night ... but their walking tops god i coukd see them from 5km away... ferkin neon bright,  .. 

blazing  horrid  flashing scene from a horror flic,  burned into  my minds eye..

 ...jesus christ what a fright!.. "

And now... its 75% ...or more

from even first light here... no traffic near!

Day in and 

outside... almost compulsory

Everywhere, a badge of what, exactly?

Not Be ing.... of the natural place?

Domination, via  some sick neon-performing  nation?

.... as long as i can Be  somewhere, this  one actual horrid  change, i hardly ever see

Certainly not Gwerk--on-lookatme-ratsranoff-with-"human"ity

 or all that militareyesed side...  of this  playground place

Owned by no one who knows how to actually


At life, is just a game... some you win, some you lost