Sunday 31 March 2024

NOT "the lump in the throat"

 And a fine poo

In the sound effects.

If SHE wants to know what happened.... just as she is settling in, by about 17 or 18 years ago....

THIS utterly woman-performed true destruction of thought, began...

SO beautifully shown in Ms Barton.... blesse err.... 25 minutes of garbage trying to make herself look 'smart' ...NO lump in the throat

BUt resurrection and salvation 

even if they can never admit...

Comes in the last two items

The brilliance of the brilliant love poet

\and in this audio one off, I mix in my thoughts upon driving by the Gweek sign

 in the torrential rain

of yester teatime

NO there are very very few words, and one of them are cleverdick.... 

that help us with Be ing a poor "human" especially in this 17 years emotional confected swamp

basically all they are these commentators - one saw it later 80s... 

they must spend money on fancy,usually pink, Paperchase stationary (went bust last year at last)


therefore i am... clever/knowing/a poet"

Melded into the The swamp of british non-culture ..  as of course the Paperchasistes (good new word ,what a hippo i am)  ended up as the agents publishers and awful filmmakers like Gina...Fry's pet...

I have Paperchase so i will chase away all FREE mad wonderful SUBLIME angel given... fabulously bonkers real...creative thought

As it looks untidy 

on my desk of 

perfect  curated stationary

Now you have NO idea how much energy and dexterity THIS took.

recording of Something Understood filename 123 0920 today

with, never before, my words on Gweek woven in

(grabbed, my real cause, only...the GREAT culture

a day before expiry   i care about MY work/responsibilities, no matter what my FEELINGS....or even disabilities)

same audio  in simpler just click this format

Because the atrocious parenting in UK / USA  for 20 years means NO tech ever is reliable, my standard (free) Samsung fancyphone - ok superb camera...  no longer works with utterly STADARD google drive filestore... it wont upload...i have spent days resetting it.... nope...  i have to turn on laptop and route laptop via (only thing ever works, 100% reliably,mobile hotspot tethering) 

so i need money to just ... well i understand enough

 but share stuff


All tech is wobbly. ONLY because the children who 'update' or patch or  what are relatively SIMPLE systems and well understood, nope.... they NEVER EVER do their work carefully or with pride ever...(incidentally the ONLY reason why viruses exist and hacking is possible - due mistakes in code) only because one and all had atrocious parenting and schooling...always

Not one was taught to treble check a piece of work/code a good parent/teacher would have caused to default.... i had that from Ralph and he was uneducated (self educated) yokel.... nope... thats what your ' feelings driven parenting / teaching of Gweek and the like for years did

cussed humans to have endless bad feeling that their stuff can never be relied on... 

now i am off (would never identify a spot until well clear.... her henchman drove down this way i saw after threatening me.... old news Voltaire had to put up with exactly the same from his once fluttery female fans - one put him in a dungeon she was such a witch )

i hope after your so megga recession its daft may cause people to actually think

howto remember how to Be "human"...

as we had the blueprint decades ago...