Sunday 31 March 2024


 ... i long ago knew

poetry, yes best listened to

But today's SU

The Elliot reading

A perfect cultural item

starts ... 

ooowwww i dont know... those  blokes,  of then

dodgy as  a spekkled hen

on the drugs that end up in the River Wye

or Kington

( many many human  viral illnesses i noticed 10 years ago!)

But the Simple truth

poems or even prose read out by a chap

 never any good

babe-said words and poetry


works for me

something understood:

i'm a ferkin masochistic, dichotomy

But i respect, fact.

even bitterest,   unhappy selfharming, truth

 sets you free

( there you go Serb, 2 mins only to stab that, no aforethought, i dont lie)