Sunday 10 March 2024

not very loyal

 muvvas' day

a poem i wrote yester

for the poor " traumatised" 

or was it day before?

you wanna know "  trauma" 

troubles so much  sweeter

the word,  helps ypu firget those  best forgot

so i forgot

a muvva who ate her own granddaughter



bbqing Serbians wouldnt Be leave

the mania 

in a bit

As i have no reader i shall ever meet, there is no pkeasure, or even pride, in world record


"  keep off the word, nothing ever to say again"

Something Understood fake colourful nice-Indians 


( ask the woman here . ..i know...

.. how her folks, twice they tried to snuff her out -  number four, too... before extant!)

one hour  non stop

merely as i saw  in minds ete, fresh as a photograph i should gave taken

what sleep is for: capturing the  most perfect images worth saving in the head


( before i even looked her up on line)

but nothing is ...really...

 inspired by anyone, new