Monday 4 March 2024

Note to self

 go back to those sand dunes in Morocco.

Actual " alchemy" of gorgeous real nature, into something poor McGilchtist only pretends he worships as 'sacred', as he clearly doesnt get out much.....


( i wouldnt bother...  not often do i fall asleep half way through a research  talk... 

... but the clue, [ i am ultra 

'right brain', is that the fuzzy one that stands back and doesnt grab but ponders?  thats the country i was born im that dorsnt exist any more  ....but of course it wont make any diference knowing more clever gitstuff, except there will be a whole new career path for shabberatti workshop runners...   ponzi schemers of shitcreek-on- indoor-workshoppers.... i found their  retirement park! those whom "alchemise" their  con into the most financialy sharp elbowed successful.....  to Be, only... continued] is the way he eulogises on the church... 15ish minutes in  his saudade is  also what  ' natural' or human lefty brain stuff can be taken in in the pews when a child, how ' nature' is interwoven in old stories....

 excuse me, Chretianity is sex hating, woman enslaving  naziness  ... 

still ( my insider undercover Vix,  2 weeks ago )  stated a woman ( Petra of Kn) only gets boss job as no one else young enough male is findable

second choice...  last resort. i dont call that reform...

The ' church'  decades ago  became a club of old sexless weird men, who we all know  were often or just sometimes a tad wonky to little boys...

a cult of self pitying  frauds ( who did NOTHING in the " community" in 2020 my extensive interviews with church ' elders' confirm categorically..) whom Mcgilchrist clearly manipulates as easy fodder as they will sit down with him over an expensive old scotch and suck on his ' professor' ( of nothing, top experts admit 99% of  'psychology' failed) ship...pipe .. all cosy and safe....

him the ' safe' face of some newthink they just about alow in via the Oxford fellows rooms . ( i knew one very very well...  almost honourary godfather  to my lass..).i know what utter self pitying fragile snobs they are

Anyone who venerates anything in ' church' should read the rather good 

When Chinua Achebe published Things Fall Apart, everything

A dull and sad book,  brilliantly written, about  how Chretianity utterly infantalised and brutalised the bongobongoists...

Anyway, the last day, yesters .. the best of all  thoughtful days.

To Be


later today


in a land where joy in sex, was banned edpecially  by the merms decades ago

( i know why ...i found their true evil seed queen... by accident... but the lady in red...hairdye... she is on my sude, in fact decries them even more than i....   so she gets the stuff! for her 9 year old....)

but back to anyone who in any way even 'recognises' the interior of a British or any western church as something where one may Be further magical human  or comune with ' nature' as this fat self promoter implies

LIVE in i do

have for 7 of  last 15 years

only small space tin roofs very very alone only in nature

and the 8  other years with a small happy cave in an ancient estate all the Mcgilchrist fawneratti type of aristos died off cos they coulnt pay Byron's drinks and hookers bill  ( him having spent his last Brit summer there in Eywood titley)

Especially winter... in nature...actually only in nature, . your whole life is based around living so as to Be .. in warmer sunny spots ( quite available in actual 'nature' - quite possible to arrange your days around where the sun warms...even january )

and light

above all even a midwinter 8 am sit in the natural light  makes a the difference between dark thoughts, and never having them... ever.

 even being insulted by  Maggirmermseed queen

You live like that, and also no hospitality in this conartist county ( i know how ut destroyed her now) of Stepford Londoners with never any hospitality...ever...unless in clique

or as their pet, they made her..

as i happily do... same as last region.....  ( but even Suzi -10 years here from turn of century,  agrees my lasteraft essay on Pastyland breaks new ground)

but occasiobally meander into churches to see what crumbs are left for the ' poor' 

In fact last region where mainly they left them open so one could charge a laptop.. here mainly locked

last region.... even spring time

( the clue! they dont have chimneys for  cockle warming fires.. huddling around, ten per chimney)

immediately upon entering any church,  you are hit by the cold dank deathly nature

no light

no energy


you wouldnt want to spend a night inside one   even if invited a year ago by underrev Smith.... when minus 5 outside

they are a deathly space for a deathcult...

that rxcludes especially..nature

death livers,  called McGilchrist venerate as having value.... sorry give me witcheys and even ' pagans' any day at least they may light a bonfire for a bit of real energy... and the babes get about frisky round it peraps....

when the church wasnt chuckin them on bonfires as ultra sexism acts... 

he conveniently  forgets

the shabbiest of history rewriters of them all


Infact febtoo

I would walk  3 km up to Stowe church, my own private electrical socket  in the hills...

( "i leave the door open all night but dont tell anyone")

so as to laptop charge, only to eulogise or rather de Balkanise.... her gorgeous dark  cave like eyes

And attempt to write the bridge, at keast half way fown the land where we may infact have that peace treaty coffee...

she conveniently forgets is equality

and i know a LOT about 

Soviet actual sex equality

The pagan Merms if Gwerk n Just


Sbyway forget all that but free sicket, writing fir the only 'cause' that natters...a worthy helpmeet, still hanging on by a thread... 

But i tell you now, i couldnt stay in that death cave called a church

woukd enter, lug in.. abd run back out to the sheltered spots outside in the sun, or even overcast but shelteted knook.... far safer waiting the battery full,  outsude than inside ...

thrir craven caves of oly  cravenity

But i tell you