Monday 4 March 2024

" One Day"

 ... now i can say

what ' they' did

To mine lass

( so absurdly full of emotional intelligence, toughness, kindness, FAIRness, and possessing a brutal sense of humour far in excess of mine .....07ish 

" dad the leftovers


[ though the levels and double entendres one day i will fully reveal]

 are so intetesting ...." 

i wish i could remember exactly the phrasing that blew my mind that day.. 

so balanced and dtable she was even made a joint official showring  judge at the Mr and Mrs Ferret  Universe championships show at aristo central Chatsworth House autumn 2009 ...  and you dont charm the fetret fascistocracy.... they only deal on merrit

the Southerners 


my lass more equal than me and able to chop wood along with the best of us...

Dont get to win best ferrit in show,  and [ the other big prize odysseyus would be jointly proud of] best young ferret too...

unless you have for 3 years  stared down that fat Northern Wall  meatpie addicted, long sideboard and fascist moleskin clobbered  prejudice Northern fat slobs ... and shown them whos got the  [ Richard  topjudge, from fat fascist racist countryman bigot central casting that year, having the previous 3 refused to acknowledge we exist.. dad with non shortbacknsides hair, lass a braid, and dad like me, and being a lass] 

" EHHH  Richard... now the lass has recovered from that... ehhhh...those two shocks...can we interupt your third post show meatpie and ask... why?"

" ehhhh.. up lass.... i only ever seen one  ferrit  like 'at ...beefore in mee 'ole long life o' ferrits  are only meee.. life..." ferrits

and best  mature thoughful behaviour with the other owners too... 99% very muvva fucker no nonsense  orthern salt if the earth.. adults...

Anyway, the Nichols book was clearly where the ' culture' just started to go a bit wonky, however, quite remarkably, the movie,  rather wonderful....

capturing the last of that preMagMerm  era...the true ' equal'  the no nonsense and her more or less in charge

And the ill iterate can frankly go and drown thwmselves in her Nonny pond.. ( with a warm Souwesterly maybe i can spy her again... nowday)

cos, sorry 

( what a memory i even recalled her name)

Maggie Tulliver is the protagonist of The Mill on the Floss. When the novel begins, Maggie is a clever and impetuous child. Eliot presents Maggie as more imaginative and interesting than the rest of her family and, sympathetically, in need of love

That Maggie, a truly REAL woman.... was the one who got frisky-first in the hayloft

and clearly wore the trousers and souwester bottoms... 

And what they have done... 

even to 

... mine lass

now i know! 

yesteraft i got it in the can

And even ( single child to fasxist genocidere army majot from actually Surrey,   more  razor blades affixed to her sharpest tongue than any mere banana bit lady from once " warrior"  lands.. who bafically lost and had Slobbo the slob  nicked as chief loser) princess ...  Suzi.. agrees .. i got...IT... 

the killer argument

To drown one by one

 every one

who panders confected pity

And i know full well did so so much harm

brainwashing  Maggie T's.. thats the real woman even if in a book.... not the fake of the 70s....  

....quite alright, jack


into thinking they are, not....

which ALWAYS steals " nobility" of soul.....

always has always will...

Indeed made them all endlessly " ill"


 One day


all in one wonderful  unexpected fullest day....

i know .. THE day

when the madhatted theories that ate fact

woven  into a magical woolly hat..

even she may just marvel at