Friday 1 March 2024

" 'simple' stories" / zen / "ENERGY" ... in one

 "Energy",  sweetpea is a showoff ' opinion'

Truly ' simple'  is not a state of mind, even, it is a PROOF in 'moments' where the mind...mine.. constantly astonishes me that not the " insights" either....

but that it remembers things that  matter ( to the day, this now-day)

The memory is working better than ever in life... the 'simple' ' moments' of realisation of that .. they become real actual embodied ' energy'  that do cause true happy new enegy, not fancy videos for instagram of sad nonsense, just to show off desperately, and seek dopamine clicks... like all the others dotoo...


then audio only

INCUDES real life terrible hypocricy for real ....

real sin, real double standards and no smartarse excuse dear Serb....

 you are or you are NOT

authentic. i am not


same file in audio in google drive

may be wrong way round
fix later

now i can leave this hell hole of performative walkers and show off neurotics at last...

even if this Thelma an Lou 2.. has best signal too