Friday 1 March 2024


 .. her last,fully in 'the can'.

Never imagined it would, Be

But it is...I am 'done' now.

Even if it will take  all day to get.. up

... except, do not  assume

it diesn't make an ass out of you and me, not me at any rate ...

simple net result is about among ither things 'memory'

And the memory matters of late...

And only free cafe coffee  for years...

Bought by, the vicaress... twovix in fact, and i care about her memory, a lot

Having so wonderfully opened up to me  hers is fading....

every time i hear or ponder memory only somehow explaining more to her...  think about, am... 

Chrets is just a word

As are stories of their sins . 

A "human" shouldaleays Be assizted to Be new... especially is it is duel purpose, and i think she lustened.. 

to my own stories priving what REALLY sharpens up that ..memory

no not a fuckin jigsaw....

to Be