Wednesday 13 March 2024

" 'simple' stories"

Yet, to Be
from a new  'now' 
far better than  a dull dour personal history

 But the start is the only question worth asking " does she, or any of them know how to cry..... the good tears, that in time, transform...?"

The actual Ground
and her dying Bees

now neonics once again Tory re-legally set free 

cos this scotchaddled twat 'sJust  going about it all the wrong way... only making the masses, and not his elite little cleverbrained lot who may pay the hundred quid for his great 'lifes work' ... want to live, and laugh at their inability to actually...
 wank left handed... can in real life  work...

and i dont own or buy or any art, never have never will, as its a waste of mother natures resources
But i do suspect only truly great art can now...
( yesterLINCHtime the old woman stowing in her wheelybag  her  crate of cornershop cans...." me off back home nighty back on ... slip into me beer ... and tv ."
... " but come on you're a wise old ' bird' ... dont fall into that silly trap...all our whole lives nothing much at all has changed... except the boss class, never mind fat Merm moaners,  just wrap it all up in stupider false plastic lines every day.."

only truly great art, with PURPOSE too
do ..
something,  just SOMEthing!
to  get a fair old few
to Be new 

In a way that may just,  work...
And cause the 'right' kind of tears
lament, defiance, and saudade
maybe best defined as a combination of the two.

.... but 100 days of hermitude, now i have a perfect varying terraine, three free sockets,   simply petfect and more important farranging enough to Be totally anonymous

Herons at dawn,  so rssy now free baths to boot
long wide almost people free bays for lunch, and plenty of quiet siesta spots, mid afternoon

never back on her "hamster wheel" ...

only 100km a week of walking..... 'NOW' ... .
her fatman Eckhart clearly couldnt 'power' himself to do...
  keeps you
 " living til i"m a huundred.. just to piss myself off   "