Sunday 10 March 2024

the facts



it worked!

It may well Be

a whole bloody gestation period  late, 

electricity, liberated 

from their pious begging  bowl plate...

And now at last portable power!

Looking like a fancy photographer's, yuppie pack....

This guy, 's in

My perfect day

at last!

and proof

10am out and about.... the nice thoughtful real people

11 too late

lady Dianna


posh " bird"

 but a real 

.... at 17 minutes in killer

 " bird" ...  

in symphony,


 " and she  only reason here, said UK should should be in The Hague before YUK....  ... "

only a few of them are so so wise, and true to truth, the real rich:

not a zecond hesitation.

" yes..."

s1 audio  44 saturday  yestersat

...  and i thought also  lost


two questions, only, on how to relationship, Be

And part two ... 

the " bulletproof"  ...question.

s1  audio 43  friday last


.... but i can't find yet, maybe there


All i know, Katarina... metoo

pretends otherwise, perhaps.

But there is a line.

I'm so lucky, long ago..

realised mother had to go....

But one always has 'guilt'...

Then 2011...

An accidental call from her

to me

" hello Terry..." she smoozy  smarms 


delivering my daughter into the arms

of the psycho man, used her to hide his own...

failure even to want to Be

near his own's home

( its longer and better... if i find it, she was never worth it)

the fact, my weather...  may Be different, now...

Machinery, never on a Sunday