Monday 11 March 2024

The stupid, xull sea

Never mind the

end of real  existential angst, flowing into actual "human" creativity. Only damp squib dumbed dowm, below the surface ension sparkling with  landloping tragedy...

the clue being they dont have the word ' sealoping' 

 tales, fables; hedgehog vs foxy warring.. ( all humanity has ever been since the first ape stood up  and used his tools to make a Barb..)

99% of the good ones, based on dry land

Abd the fucker runs away, just when last swing by  Nonny hunting.. one last time

only because theres no one real left to talk with...twice
They all seem afraid of a rematch  with someone absolutely nothing to prove...

To work, soon

( note to self even Indian walllah Merm ... has fizzled... just when i found a collaborater for her!!.... mutual benefit...give up fake smiles, fake haor, fake long long whatsaps... fake...100% everuthing.... good job long ago i ceased to actually, care....   other than how to weave  it all into ... come Eddy.. i wish only now to laugh...)