Monday 11 March 2024


 are baddies...



....child abuse...  ( more than phones)

( this so understates the Lucy Letby creating angst all about...i have great radar and it is so obvious  as i meander, and the parent child angst has massively increased the last 20 years    )

 but the greatest of all SIMPLE ..paradoxes,  if the Bees... they didnt exist...

there would likely Be less rumpy pumpy

And thus fewer people, to abuse the kids.. *

A serious fact of nature.

long long overdue, in the 

' serious' 


you dont have to " dm me for change"  at ralphschismatsign gmail is dottycom 

listen to this ...for free.. its the one simplest change to make, that works...  for your whole, happier,  and less angsty fearful, life...

* no kid over time wants to have never existed so ....