Wednesday 6 March 2024

The wrong book (no not 'Alchemy')

aggh forgot this... started on Monday morning ...then... 
the  mending menchilds come... and
my how they need  to be seen... pouting and preening in their  climbing gear


" 'SIMPLE' stories" there was another bit of a dimension


"processing"  - unplanned.... what those Merms did...
Especially their chief, THE worst writer of all time ( (Paulo, vid monday morn driving off waffle - he  the devil in disguise, indeed he spawned Eckhart...)

there are only two kinds of people

the ' itinerant' or homemaker

it would 
Be nice to meet someone who at least knew both
as i could Be,  too

and Understood her choice at least

In a brilliant, SIMPLE book...about the only two kinds of people

Paulo and his evil spawn, tried to fake a third...


Waller's question was all there ever will, Be

bourgeois homelife, or a bit refugeeish...? 

and there are only a few percent in my group.

My problem

 spring cleaing