Sunday 17 March 2024

this is such a perfect

 way to describe my actually not very smart mind

sat at cliffside  9 hrs slept, i need NOTHING..state of mind

" hmmm.... now.. if i did have a reader.... whom follows my deliberately obscure odyssey .. i missed an important line of that, last- i do not use the term 'post' as that implies aforethought, i never ever aforethink....  almost nothing i jot is ever written even 5 minutes before...

this mornins missive... i listened to SU... later than usual... then 7am... opened fingering page [ laptop only ever lasts 30 min of battery until summer, so i cannot use any device cept these horrid fone things...  ]  and.... just get fingering yhe universe...i cannot even ' type' on a phone two fingers to your Serbian fake umiverse  ... only one finger here...

and ... i couldnt even Be poetical   one day in 100 a year ago....

But am 99 ...' now' not that i want to Be

it must Be a new illness yet to Be

in DSM 5.3

Anyway thoightbubble,  " drat i forgot to mention.....  she gave me her [ the convention

 she is not in italics, only one gets italicised ... The Flozz rules of life require this....and i did tell her.. and know she read that.....]...

i walked away

( we did not know girlie walking on from girlie,  until 30 years on,  the so called writers decide to be 'activist' .. why? one cared 30 years afore!...

  " bird" # 2 in the axemurderer bush yesteraft " i really do belueve in the power of the song !".. hmmmm... wow...)


deliberately, not even bye bye did i say.. i just walked away

after our first morning jost...

getting as far as " ok i will have a think..."

well i know for sure

  these butterfly brained " birds" one word there 

cannot Be


But i have a heart so i probably wont return to once again find only people pleasing fake words that have butterflied right off from her brain that she never even had....

cos brains, 

have memories.

I never meet one

except the one that only wishes to stab me

as in my dream, where i laughed 

as she was

But even her memiry may as well mot exist

her finger stabbing becomes " spam" and " Groundhog day"

google ruined even her once fine mind

never mind 

mine is better,  sometimes

 " ehhh... The Hog a love story... dont you know"

But in fact my mind is not so good usually ( unless rising to a challenge, i eithrr wish, or more often than not in my dull life, dont)

as per this morn

half an hour ago

ferk, i forgot to add in or make it clear

i walked off...  an hour later notjing elsr to do in the rains...

( and also... THE ultimate no pioint any more! even she The Great White hope, people pleasing i now know for sure... the plastic can pile up on her fuckin born n bred seashore...' my kids ' she wailed...  can pick it up in their plastic seaside pails.. the end)

meandered back

And before telling her of

" hey its the end...

i am happy

 odyssey quest over and out

 my only last eco friend... i dhant say who i dont bitch

. i thought...just may Be 'human' ...  behind her eco fraud sales pitch...a large expensive,  very very  well redpected ... one. ."

she didn't write it as i meandered in

as she was already, list in hand... for my return, i didnt know was going to Be

" here.. i thought... to you from me" 

Be fore!

i wrote mine for her

... how would anyone know that?!

i better write it


 half an hour of being NOT very bright

what a wanker! 

in a picture, two lists... 

i could only have them both

if  mine was not that first, joster lancin'

 time ever,  someone does

mean what they ...say!!..

and can remember ittoo