Sunday 17 March 2024


 .. gazin out


hmm... terms and conditions.... ?


dont care


ONLY over there!

other side of this fetid sea of bananaboat insanity

they would risk life, and a passport chucked,  just to Be sure

the moaning lying 'i was abused' to  get here to Be abused subtly this shore

 far far more

( as honest ones later on do oft enough report)

ts and cs...

only... taking you to Be

where life affirming modern fiction



No fluster or fake Ealenor Olly fantom,  look at

have a little dopamine in fake clicks of solidarity....too...

ONLY if we sat on that very train, Reader on that 6.27 

her losing her memory


turns it into a whole fabulous silver lining tale... again and again.

And love ... regained.

Saudade breedin'-sort

 no compulsory,  childish  fuckin samesex sort

even Sing if Youre Glad  to Be Gay, top of pops turned out to Be provisional....

ask his kids, what persuasion their dad is 

most occasions, over all his life

man and wife, i do Be leave

Two " birds" one day

this stony 

little fetid toehold

end of "human"ity

#2 too old for me, given up

( ohhh absolutely...i revel in many true headfucks of lost love tragedy... they prove as you say, even your wound from her shitcreekside jost.... we are alive, and have hearts, unlike the born again mermaid London lesbians  infected and now mermoan.... all around my once  ok local born-to territory...

here...i am off North....  soon... 

85 thousand quid that 1 1/2 acre only field went for last week... 

no planning poss,  just some thief down from London... 

likely to yet another organic gin   operation...

once their organic lavender fields

 Fakebook  plans

turn out  to Be not quite as ..' sustainable'  in providing pots of gold

just to get a local dentist)

but her ... 

 " all my old great girlfriends... even here... all, one and all... we were great... young hippyish the best sort...  wise...adide their modern

but...  every single one became a

 hypocondriac,  sour bitch consumerist... except me... 

as you see... saw, you said

 why walking  here...  just you and me"

why is it that ONLY the older ones, 60 sometimes, more often  65+ 

let go entirely

and Be


their true self.

I bet it hurts when you  get to even 60

and realise its SO SO liberating ... 

no longer herding men or being in a flock of

" too many sheep here " she says

But deep down

" why on earth did i wait...!!

60 .. certainly 65 ... even worse teeth and an often  hobbled gait...

if i had Be come this


even 54...

i would have found new real authentic energy

in even a fake ( culturally Mis Appropriated,  into magpie-thieved- on-sea  fake, Magpie nicked:

" little humble once downtrodden, peoples dance" )

tango dancefloor"

the truly greatest of all dichotomy,  too lined 65ish to really Be

entirely happy

i could tell

but free ... so totally free

so satisfied with who she had Be come

Just by Be ing 100% open and true... 

About the truth all around...

Snd she sleeps only well, too...

the tragedy is there seems to Be none in a million that figure this at ..53 ..54.... 

just when we are at our very Best. .

 saying it all... 


is the best medicine for any BODY

hers fantastic, gait and posture and

boundless gate jumpin, as we wandered

... real ...  fabulous