Saturday 30 March 2024

true comedy

 popping into a cafe, advertising a sane looking green political development


and asking about this very posterised virtue signaling even...

and conversing about the destroyed Loe Bar

 few km down below

4 km downstream....

its really not a good idea

whatever fake ethnicity 

one may portray

to thrust onto my hand  a flyer for your expensive

yoga festival....

and only 5 mins later

having duscussed eco armagedon

( these are the ultra merms but the 40somethings are indeed dead... brains so rotten with mum-mermism... they are no longer human)

.... " well ...i care only for my daughters  generation... they need to at least know how mine has 100% failed....why i suport youger eco aware a bit if i can.... so have you got kids ...?"

to the ultra smiley yogabitch, expensive airy yoga lite, costume to boot, lets call a vampiric vapid USER  bitch what she is....

in a serene smiley place.. after a seemingly positive talk about their poster, encouraging green  people  to go to  a  meeting to think about joining a council  ...

Mrs Yoga  ultra friendly smiley tart..... having tried to bag a customer.... sell him her bullshit expensive newyoga .... whole weekend fest of it......the countenance goes all Pol Pot... or Mexican druglord

" thats a have crossed a boundary...asking me that..."

the most comedic ever proof of how their newspeak new age new everything 'manifested'  into

no  more humanity

even with a tattooed old bag pretending to be a  flower child.... for cash

( but it matters ,massive study of the SW.. these people ..or rather call a spade a spade, cult of their self obsession, fails to make them vaguely human...get  virtually ALL  public grant funding...  beautiful apocyliptic photostudy last summer of a once great " community"  7 km from Gwerk very very grant funded 7 or 8 years ago..... the usual self reverential signage all over... cobwebbed, and. left to rot by these lazy fakes... 5 or more acres once " community just a ness of

 rub ish.... thst ZTILL could be used.... nope... deserted ... these people who still get all the grant funding ... each new ' save the world' ... even fancier poster....  costs cash, as they well know ... Houellebecq only got half the story....i got the rest...but it MUST only be comedy as they are so funny even Monty the Python couldnt  bite their asses with satire,  he would be giggling so

 much he wouldnt be able to retain

his  venomous aim

.... and they all worship... Gweek.... but are so thick they  couldnt read Taleb's beautiful Black Swan ... the pub there....  and know it was a parable: stop being ' you' and not only does freedom come, but you cannot know how you will ' feel'.. until the act of "change" occurs....its know even our own mind, tomorrow..until you DO.. do it, be it.... "change".... the best ones the very very  last you would wish,  desire, read in a Tolle book.... you KNOW for certain,  are never any good for us..especially if you are a fuckwit sad little princess....

 are always the true bliss time..that do evolve us...positively.)