Saturday 30 March 2024

but the ' comedy' continues

 ...writing day, today

even if on the hiding place

i was planning to go see her... once more today.

My greatest, unimagined,  truly beautiful moment  of life with an English born...

one not so fair midwinter lunchtime

( she smiles at the incessant rain, too)

in a whisper

" you..... no one else... you are the only one... 

when i popped the q

to you

and you said, 

so quietly

 ' Steinbeck'...

but thats us

the only two left who value human writing

you dont know something, though....  you dont

i know something about you

you dont

you are the only librarian left in the whole pesrilent

Steinbeckian dustbowl

of a cuntry

who respects the humans


 come to your place of books, and quiet study

and your gob

 only speaks softly

and funnily and sardonically, 

but quietly

i cannot shock you 

we know

tho i caught you out on fifty shades hahh hahh...

when ALL the rest...have lost it.. you follow the forever human rules of speaking quietly in your library..

 ultimate litmus of a land gone sick selfagrandising fathead


 you i said, no not your colleagues...only


( the only beautiful timeless question, of the married woman, even if first chat  ustwo..she complained of him never reading any books:  did she " lose" my phone number?... because i know... she knows,  in her prim n proper, dour, so so plaid skirt,  undersrated... wooly tights... restrained  ... little sexless  librarian attire.... shes by far the sexiest woman  ...english born,  in the whole pestilant she knows... i know ... but i never imagined even remotely possible a daughter mid 30s... that eas a shock....  )