Friday 8 March 2024

" why Britain, Biljana, should have been in the

 ..Hague decades ago...

Steaknife... killed people  in ireland on behalf of the british government.. the ira killed more people in retaliation.... many

i had the honour of selling  this  TRUE ...but banned book  written 1991... ...

sold secretly below my bookshop counter

from 95

while fraudulent  little girls

then insult real men

.. with sad little Eckhart ' narcissistic' crap...

even magpie stealing others gold... " i am relationship counselor do what you're told"

by a girl not even brave enough to try and Be a woman... or friend

to anyone... but dopamine

dicks and their  sad facebook clicks

....and I am.. at least i tried.... on the same webpage  price qc  page on

 as a man far far tougher and braver  than me

the only Brit i respect

Mr Mc Philemy...

shame i only met  sad little magpie  girl whole dull life

killer Steaknife....outed.... todays news... 

 hidden,  if not for

a real writer

you will never Be

anything other than pity poor me

immo Magpie...

fodder for the bbc..( funny you saying you hate... when your false pity work, tailor bbc made...  just for their sad little hurt feed...)

no not me showingvolte face  inconsistency... because going all the way... is free

and all dangerous to one and all... rspecially yourself

The CommitteePolitical Assassination in Northern Ireland

Front Cover
Roberts Rinehart Publishers, 1998 - History - 418 pages
In 1991 Sean McPhilemy produced "The Committee, " a sensational documentary for British television that revealed that a group in Northern Ireland - drawn from the Unionist members of the business community, Protestant clergy, the police (RUC), and the British security forces - was systematically colluding with Loyalist terrorists to murder Irish Republicans and other Irish Nationalists. The documentary contained exclusive firsthand testimony of a member of the Loyalist committee responsible for the murders. This source provided a detailed account of how various assassinations had been planned and carried out. The broadcast of "The Committee" resulted in highly publicized legal proceedings in the High Court in London when the British Conservative government tried unsuccessfully to force the program makers to identify their source. Since the broadcast of his documentary, McPhilemy has struggled to protect his reputation in the face of various legal actions against him over the program. Harassed by British authorities and his life threatened, he has brought two libel actions against newspapers in London that sought to discredit him, and thus far has won one of these actions. The Committee gives a full account of the murder conspiracy, the making of the documentary, the subsequent legal proceedings and, even more importantly, additional evidence that substantiates the original allegations. In the meantime, the Committee allegedly continues to operate with impunity - and Loyalist terrorists carry on the killing.
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