Friday 29 March 2024

why your ' personal growth' guruing has FAILED

 Unless it has got you to here

and what is ' empathy'?

And why i rightly critique the apocolypse of ' environmentaly '  sympathetic lying  time i am prepared,  years ago,  to own up to  and mever forgey my own  damaging bad mannered others time wasying  wrongs.

I am not aware of any who now can... are even aware of this as the PURPOSE of their fake 'work'

not up til 1800

And incomplete.

A bit more to upload....later.... but you just dont know.... who may Be playing get him nicked games..... so i keep moving...another reason none if their ' work' worked.... none can even take a friendly nudge as to issues clesrly they have....

that universally fuck them up and throw a big spanner in " community" .... tge real grown up one, the silly girl....

so i gotta go

So many sad little former Soviet Bloc girls,  over the years one encounters, and its not their fault...  and a massive explosion of them the last few years all over the SW...laughable....London i am sure, too...they all got dwanky websites... cheap brochures into expensive nothing....

 much easier to set up as fake guro/ shaman_ magpie, than Be a cleaning lady

pity for them:

1. they will never have nuance of language nor understanding of the bizarre develpments, above riffed on, in a lethal paradigm, the British ' service industry' of bluehairs,  bossing families, children or the like with simply wrong newthink...

cos they cant think and have no education

but how is some even 30 year immo to inderstand the true harm fone by all this... ( for 15+ years)

and NO one can fix it

reason number next to run to a Catalan cave

few brits get this, not even the smartest Serb could.. so they just became shabby users...

just as conned as ' Pretty woman'  the movie

2. its horrid... bad for YOU  to Be an unwutting con artist copying shabby men.. just to join in with western ultra materialism... deep down what every single one is up to..with ever grander slicker con operation ' spirituality' shamanism or life coach bulahit

3. sad they dont do what they are GOOD at and what the west needs: december 2022 to me:  " we watched you  in the west on tv and knew you were sick...even early 90s,  we still  had functional mutual aid real community...all in it together"

 ( i saw myself,  in alcoholic poland, still there did work) 

Be ing basically " human"... a course in....Forner doviets may actually fo hood by, rsther than just magpie steal..all do ( the biking Pole in interview May 2023 confirmed... cos she cared!!.. that interview published soon)

.... stop the con.... and do whats needed

 much more interesting vid next on how the sad incommers.. from other lands, especially that once Soviet Bloc...  blocked everything.... we dont have time for them to catch up.... 50 years...

Call to actually " change"... and stop Be ing just users one and all...