Saturday 30 March 2024


 ... one day

a wonderful

user friendly

" 'simple' stories"


 will come to pass

50 pages

one will point to one of those yestervids


" you know all these Gweek type absurd menchilds who go on about the ' beast' eating everyone via capitalism.... and their silly rude  girlfriends,  never any manners , when not figuring out the next con by Zoom therapising some poor idiot lamb  ...easier on the nails than being a cleaning lady... busily not parenting their kids   either - just as likely to be on the phone rather than in their kids face as parents need to be,  as fat underclass, even if they pretend otherwise...  

well give them a beer  or cup of latte snotflower 

( i think i will break in to 

their.. Natural Store.... and change the labels ... so they get not organic when paying the organic premium....  then one day put a notice up on their noticeboard....informing them, well pist fact; did she cover mine up ladt july there ?? hahhh hahhh... on Gwerk " community" noticeboard city centre...

" seditious  scribbler,  looking for accomodation .. any old bed will return for fixing.. true farm bred fixing expert ... qualilty work even if you are a silly Gweek moron, the JOB matters far more than your dull little  self deception of a self "

... she is brutal bless err...!

i never had a notice so blatantly sabotaged ANYwhere before .... an expert job! i do have the fun photos of course  .(.. the polite version of said notice)

apologies if that one and only assumption is false, all others are fact

..cup of  fake organic snotflower, and theyll opine on about Tolle's schema..for the ONLY acceptable relatuonship.. or some other  absurdist unrealistic infantile crap..  about

 i just a girl you just a boy....

and no one really knows any next step until you jump

EXACTLY what the capitalists want!!!! 

Tolle their genius idiot fool

as per vid

" you are a ...narcissist / manipulator / ' overwhelming' to my sensetive little  shamaneyes double vision ... soul [ biggest lie ever, i know a soulless, headcase when i see one and dobt mibd] " 

Tolle a capitalist overlords' plant / contruction

as they figured decades ago ...

100s years ago,

 these children wont know, what with all that shamamic fantasy they have to study for the bexy con .

100s of years ago someone wrote

divide and conquer

single lonely messed up egomaniac,  people/ girls... fretting about their image ( as single people must do) dont write complaints letters..

whenEVERYTHING is such ripoff    crap ...

Eckhart and all the other fake ' relationship' mentors guides / manipulators..  tbe ultimate tool of  shabbiest capitalisn ever...

....over their snotflowers theyll moan about,  to make them look good..  

in their next post about yet another label creating the next negative clevertart sounding  buzzword . .


 ordinary blokes 

mr and mrs on a letter to complaints

or mp ... 

taken just that bit more seriously

the capitalist overlords must have such a laugh about how easily they managed it all...

( they have, no going back)

... by a playbook written centuries ago....

just updated for the least mature women ever... pandemic of

not in Bolvia.. there they fought the capitalust overlords and beautiful....oldschool methods....  being brave face to face...all the way...many dying

capitalists ran  aeay crying from them never to return......  cos they knew they were dealing with real grown up women....

with actual alliance and fellowship..... silidarity