Sunday 31 March 2024

" oh wow look the sun has

 ...reincarnated itself....  it dorsnt matter that it was a naughty useless fraud yesterday   especially if it was a  imposting a mum hanging around the Steiner schoolgates being all smug-o-mummy.... not even mentioning UK one of Israel's likely main arms resuppliers, never mind awacs supplier. ...singular.. the main one... [ that ..guides the bombs and murder] ... all will be pk tomorrow in the next life  next level up,  one will sure as ferrets are ferrets, snd sane, when humanity just kicks the bucket down to their next 'life'...  the longer i go on  unfortunately stuck in this my only life i realisevwe need a reincarnation...of soviet sanity: 

block ALL hocus pocus, cant and vanity

good decision though,

 the atch o'thesunrise