Saturday 6 April 2024

But, i am not a cynic

 The amount of times i say that to some stupid self obsessed middle aged in " human" female who cannot think of any other mindset other than her own, thus defining her " narcissism"

And have made myself very useful  ( the only other word, next to the word ' word' that is godly, to any same intelectual).... DOing the reasearch...

Retrospective ' market research' .... for her

Of course like all the rest, too ignorant to even know what changing ' tack' means, never mind you were wrong... so be new

...On... just how absolutelly " overwhelmed" the market is- as thats all " shaman"  bullshit-for-cash, is .... in terms of every imaginable form of " dm me for change" hocus pocus, wellness femenine fatties retreat to moan... the whole thing, .. is over

I saw this 2020 in past region... the few sexier snake oil vendors who could stop the drugs or chanting - same thing, long enough to work out youtube uploading.... ( yoga for kids thiis time of" crisis" ..the very best  emotional blackmail drive)..

the market is not only oversaturated with saturated fatties...or the odd skinny

NONE of them ever made a real living...and the few whom will still pretend to a 'business' can only do so as... he ...  makes the actual living from broking  arms to israel .. thats what hedge funds do ... or broking houseboats to his mates who are all hedge funds ...   broking landmines to the next iteration of ' constructive disruption' i.e. the next spiv comes along and tries to 'start up'.... selling nothing new.

In short the party is over... a whole " movement" of female people conning the 

world,  first healing then 'detox' - making them seem in comparison to us mortals, pure .... even if  pure blubber is still blubber ..

all based on confected vulnerability... ( as my few sane women communicants know full

 well,  and state so) cos the BBC decided 10 years aho thats the ONLY way they can try and keep their audience, being lost to  MSM or yahoo news  or even NPR...  all free...  and bow they have lost it, to Tate TV.. or whatever bolshie nonsense next... not ' reactionary' but rightly sick of the whole con....

i.e. it failed

and did far more harm than good...

so, stop

the healing mentoring guruing...a con

the vulnerability a con. other than the few whom genuiley are badhed, AND make  genuine moves to move away from the bashing... as tgmhere is a clear clear line...   even my utterly uneducated schoolkid  friends knew,  45 years ago...

i know f journalists who will share " of course women are treated unfairly by the law......any old very nadty  nonsense they dream up, often WILL destroy a man for life... and they only very rarely get a state sanctioned  smacked bottie...very rare"