Saturday 13 April 2024

collaborator.. her

 but, it.

 gets interesting, soon...

" purpose" i wrote and audio

started eighteen months ago.

I don't like to go back a second time.

But wednesday last, i'm glad i did.

" you ...ehhhh... changed me because after our last natter...i wandered around deep

 in thought

you, supermodel, ok, ex

cheekily i ribbed upon your fancy bags and whatever is posher  and more Guardian Lifestyle 

than spandex

And you stopped, pondered and said you cared

For your kids ... the planet must be spared! 

This stuff-orama ...  you personify

i could tell yes it does make you you daid nearlycry...

so here i am second time

come on did we really chime...?"

FF an hour

" .. you alone... no hestitation, more you give me...  real you, no customers fake masking time

so bussiness.... you know too

....fuckin green messiahs ... BPD

pious and earnest   even  a ' human' age three

knows it doesnt work.... but you are archetype. .if somehow some screen

 can show super sexy sexy yummy you... divesting of all of this....


wow.... box office big hit, now we have a

whatevers the opposite of you never 'believed the hype'

all that happened '92... they forgot to listen to those finest '88 words.. 

even hertoo, 

or maybe they didnt translate

never too late